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Autel is a global company focused on exploring the sustainable development of better people, vehicles, technology, and new energy. In the world’s technology market, Autel has a global presence and is committed to bringing valuable, reliable, and smart products to client.

MaxiCharger AC Wallbox

Residential  |  Workplace  | Commercial Parking  |  Car Workshop

MaxiCharger AC Wallbox was created to give your electric vehicle a powerful smart charger in an incredibly small size. The AC Wallbox can perform intelligent battery diagnostics and helps prolong EV battery life. Its IP65 protection rating, minimalist design, and quick installation makes it suitable for any garage. The charger is enhanced with the usage of the Autel Charge app.

Charging Management Software

    • Charger+Cloud BMS+VCI triple protection technology includes real-time big data analysis
    • Multiple safety warnings ensure the charging environment is safe
    • Health Charging mode prevents overcharge and increases battery safety
    • EV battery real-time status monitoring prevents thermal runaway


The EV Charging Product Types

Power up your journey with ease – choose from a range of EV charging products tailored to your needs. Experience efficient and eco-friendly transportation with hassle-free charging solutions.

Community Charging Stations

150 to 350+

miles of range per hour

Level 3 | DC High Power

Our EV PLUS Community Club charging station & Level 3 fast charging products offer a full range of deployment configurations, including single and multiple cord pedestals, individual and paired wall-mount chargers, DC fast, and even single-family residential charging stations.

And Much More…

Imagine the EV charging station of the future as a roadside oasis – a place to charge, refresh, rest & enjoy. Our EV stations are designed not only with the familiar services of a store and cafe but can also allow for a longer break from the road, families can spend time with their children in the outdoor playground, chatting with other visitors, while a library or bookshop can also help pass the time.

Commercial Charging Stations

10 to 30

miles of range per hour

Level 2 | DC Wallbox


To prepare any location, from public to private, from hotels to workplaces or multi-family residences, EV Plus Charging offers solutions that are fast, reliable, and ready for the future. We pride ourselves in having the most forward-thinking EV charging solutions ready to install with flexible configurations and business models.

Consumer Charging Stations

2 to 5

miles of range per hour

Level 1 | AC Wallbox


Home charging gives EV drivers peace of mind every day. Over half of EV drivers prefer to charge at home, and as more people convert to driving electric reliable home charging solutions are necessary.

EV Plus offers fast and reliable home charging solutions that are innovative and puts the drivers first. Our forward-thinking solutions are ready to install today.

Differences Between AC & DC Charging

Ideal Locations For EV Charging Point​

Flagship Point​

EV Station

Residential Building

Commercial Building

Landed Property

Car Park

Shopping Mall


Suitable For All Brands Of Electric Vehicles


The Only Super EV Mobile APP Solution You Need To Have

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